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comments on theme 2: not just objectives hierarchy!

I would change the definition of decision analysis to something like:

DA includes a variety of tools to assess, prioritize, and resolve conflicts. DA in the SHCRP consists of the following elements:....


I have a real problem with limiting our decision analysis to objectives hierachy. This is only one of a suite (wikipedia lists 24 and that is an incomplete list) of multi-criteria decision analysis methods and clearly different methods will be needed for different decision objectives. Thus I would suggest that key element 1 be changed to something more along the lines of MCDA in general and even the definition that is on the wiki site for MCDA (


Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) or Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) is a discipline aimed at supporting decision makers faced with making numerous and sometimes conflicting evaluations. MCDA aims at highlighting these conflicts and deriving a way to come to a compromise in a transparent process.


I'd also like to add 2 key elements as I really think we are presenting an incomplete picture of what we need in terms of decision support tools:


screening tools that combine socio-economic and environmental data into statistically rigorous and understandable information to allow prioritization of actions, and

assessment tools that allow communities to assess their current and future sustainability under a variety of scenarios



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