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Create, develop and maintain a sustainable development institute (SDI) run by either a tribe or organizations (non-profits, community development corporations, etc.) run by Native Americans located in the Region of focus. The SDI will be the common point of contact for all issues re: sustainability & sustainable communities. The SDI would holistically and comprehensively be dedicated to aligning & coordinating between tribal government, NGOs, universities, federal agencies, foundations, + other interested parties. The SDI will have a "membership" in the form of a CONSORTIUM of committed stakeholders who have signed a common commitment to the mission of the SDI - this will empower the reservation or region and enable information to be shared and discussed. The SDI will keep active and safeguard all sustainability projects and plans as well as ensure opportunity, well being and safety of future generations to come.


One SDI per grouping of smaller populations -OR- one SDI per larger Region would work for larger groups of indigenous population. For example, take the current planning efforts on the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota (home to the Oglala Lakota), which has a large land base and large, dispersed population. There is a collaboration b/t HUD-EPA-DOT, a community development corporation, the Oglala Sioux Tribe and others, that together, is actively working on a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development called OYATE OMNICIYE | Oglala Lakota Plan ( Putting an SDI in place as an outgrowth of the planning process would greatly strengthen all future sustainability efforts in that Region.



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