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p. 3, paragraph 2. Omit first part of sentence. Begin sentence with "Many sustainability problems...

p. 4, 3rd full paragraph beginning with "The question often is..." This entire paragraph is troubling in the assumptions that it makes and the limitations that it places on SHCRP. Individual land users will have incremental and cumulative impacts on the environment and these are typically not regulated. These inevitably do cause downstream impacts on other land users, e.g., flooding. The beauty of having a SHC program is that its focus on communities provides a governing entity that can identify the systems contexts for making site level land use decisions and develop programs for keeping natural , social, and economic systems intact and functioning.

P.4, last paragraph, and top of p. 5 - I think there should be 4 cross-ciutting fundamental strategies. Another bullet should be added; Maintaining intact and functioning natural systems.


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    Sally Darney

    First sentence uses "sustainable" in circular argument which is confusing, and the whole paragraph seems too specific for this frontal location. I would delete it here and perhaps make the point more simply later in the document: that the sustainability of any one community is affected by factors derived from neighboring communities. A community is not sustainable if its activities impinge upon the sustainability of nearby communties.

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